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Antonio with new Prosthesis

Mexico - San Jose Region of Cabo San Lucas
Funded and Built 2019

Antonio is the recipient of a new prosthetic leg and is currently in therapy to learn how to walk with it. The hope is that through therapy he will be able to get back on his feet (literally) to go back to work and provide for his family...his #1 desire and concern.

It was definitely a challenge coordinating this blessing with Antonio living in Mira Flores(35 minutes past the San Jose airport) and with the doctor being in La Paz 90 miles away. However through prayer and commitment it happened. Now it’s time for him to learn how to balance on that leg especially since it’s been over 2 years since he last walked. Please keep him in your prayers in that he would stay encouraged, determined and strong through this process 🙏🏽 .

Charle Family

Haiti - Montrouis, Haiti
Funded and Built 2019
Supply and Multiply

Madamme Charle shared that she is a member of the church Dago, Shamma, and Ben go to. She lost her husband a few years back and has really struggled. Shamma has a heart to help her and her kids be in a good house so that maybe she would feel and touch something tangible to know that God is moving in her life and still blessing her. Her husband died several years ago and she has been in mourning. She feels God restarting her life and has renewed hope with the housebuild. You will see in the last picture, she reused some of the tin from her old house as a security wall.

Lupi and Family

Mexico - San Luis Rio Colorado
Funded and Built 2019
Hearts Empowering the Poor

We were blessed to take a team down to SLRC in January and build a home for Lupi and his family. We were joined (as always) by the team from Life Center Rainier who funded a house on the same property for Lupi's brother Manuel and his family.

Pescadores De Hombres - "Fishers Of Men" Church

Mexico - Los Algodones
Funded and Built 2019
Hearts Empowering the Poor

Through our partners HEP, we met Ro & Nellie (Miranda) Gamez are working with Pastor Miguel Miranda (Nellies brother) to plant/build a church in their town of Los Algodones, Mexico. We are blessed to be able to partner with our Pacific Northwest family of Life Center Rainier to help with this project. Ro & Nellie currently minister to the community on site and out of a house to help the local neighborhood children.

Bony Family

Haiti - Montrouis
Funded and Built 2018
Supply and Multiply

This build is really special to us as we met Teyiko (we say Keiko) during our first trip to Haiti in 2015. We spent a little time with him again on our trip in 2017 as he captured a piece of Angela's heart. Little did we know that Supply & Multiply would approach us in 2018 to build a home for his family. His father is a rock breaker, which is probably one of the hardest jobs you can have anywhere, not just in Haiti. We are so amazed at how God can start building relationships in advance of any "ministry" happening.