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Haiti - Region of Montrouis, Haiti
Funded and Built 2018
Supply and Multiply

Nerland received the keys to her newly built home at the end of May. Many hands assisted in the construction, including the "World Race" team that was in Haiti as part of their summer trips! One of the pictures are of Gary and the mom of the home build and the builder. The Little boy you see in the picture is helping get water up the mountain and jugs to mix cement. They walk a very long way to get water we were blessed to have the truck with us and it was about a 10 minute drive to fill up the jugs with water. Water weighs 8 pounds a gallon, so a 5 gallon jug weighs 40 pounds. The Haitian builders work very hard and we appreciate all that they do to help families have new safe homes.


Mexico - Cabo San Lucas
Funded and Built 2018

Meet Reyna. She is a single mother of 3 who came out of a physically abusive marriage and has been through a lot since. Shortly after Hurricane Odile her son was hit by a car and suffers a little brain damage. During Tropical Storm Lidia they lost their entire wood home. In the photos you can see what remains of it. They lost everything including most personal items. What wasn’t taken by the storm was taken by robbers. She has since been blessed with a refrigerator, stove and the ability to host community events to help her neighbors.

Wendy & his Mom

Haiti - Montrouis
Funded and Built 2017
Supply and Multiply

Our partners Supply and Multiply met Wendy while checking on a roof project next to his home with his Mom. They formed a strong bond with him and could see the immense need for a safe new home for his family. We were so excited to get to meet him during our trip in November and to now see the finished project!

Madam Pasyans (Mrs. Patience)

Haiti - Region of Montrouis
Funded and Built 2017
Supply and Multiply

It's amazing what a little prayer and waiting on the Lord can do! Madam Pasyans (Mrs. Patience) asked us to help her with her house more than 2 years ago and she has patiently prayed for us and for the resources. She would save her money and buy one block at a time while she hoped and prayed for a miracle of completing her house.

Church Plant in Burundi, Africa

Africa - Burundi
Funds Sent 2017
EPIC Global Missions

One Heart 2 Homes donated to a new church plant in Burundi, Africa. The Pastor in Africa is Ivan Ahimbisibwe and his wife Martin. The picture of the Pastor and the church assembly is about 40 people who meet in homes or an area that can fit them. The picture of Pastor Ivan in the building is the event hall they hope to rent with money raised from partners such as ourselves and Epic Global Missions.