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Heart4Cabo Food Donations - "Dispensas4Defensas"

Mexico - San Jose Del Cabo (Cabo San Lucas Region)
Funds Sent 2020

Our response to the Corona Virus
In this time of uncertainty we realize that the best way to combat darkness is to continue to serve in the mission field because we have nothing to fear. All of the people we serve live in every day situations that most of us fear living in and might be already facing in some first world nations.  The Heart4Cabo families live daily with no guarantee of food, water and electricity. They never have warm water. They have very little money if any. They live in mostly unsanitary conditions according to our standards. For them the struggle is real every day. For that reason we will continue to help where needed as long as we have the resources to do so.

Heart4Cabo has been diligent in their pursuit of helping families in the barrios that are in the San Jose del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas region. They started making weekly deliveries to these areas with teams of volunteers and funds that have been raised. Each bag contains essentials for families (see 1st photo) and this is what is inside a $250 pesos despensa or roughy $10.10USD today. 14.55 lbs or 6.6kg of food. Also cooking oil, toilet paper, Clorox, and soap. They come with a reusable bag and La Comer puts them together and delivers them to Heart4Cabo. Not sure there is a better deal out there to save time and stretch out your donations!

We have been honored to partner with them and see the heart of their ministry as they bless the people of Cabo by not only meeting their physical needs but their spiritual needs as well!

Marcos House

Mexico - San Jose Del Cabo
Funded and Built 2020

This home is being built for and by a family who were really needing some security and shelter. Marco is a construction worker with his dad Francisco otherwise known as Captain Mexico! He makes about $500 pesos a week or $25.

Dania is a stay at home mom with her two daughters and young boy.

SLRC Jan 2020 House Build

Mexico - San Luis Rio Colorado
Funded and Built 2020
Hearts Empowering the Poor

We were blessed to be able to build a new casita for a family who was in desperate need of secure shelter. As you can see in the photos, we have blurred them out to protect their identities. As with many families in Mexico, they seek to find a safe and secure area to lead their lives...away from past troubles and influences. This family was so appreciative of our help and they could not contain their tears as the build progressed. It was an amazing time together and we hope and pray its the beginning of a new and fear free life.

Montrouis Haiti

Haiti - Montrouis, Haiti
Funds Sent 2019
Supply and Multiply

One of the many many things we have learned from our partners around the world is the "ministry is messy" sometimes and it seems even more true about missions. This entry is a prime example of that from our partner Supply and Multiply. They have formed meaningful relationships in and around the communities of Montrouis (pronounced Mo-wee) and have earned the trust of the locals. They reached out and asked for some assistance during some times of unrest in Haiti as some families needed to be relocated for safety reasons. Haiti has endured many hardships and the people continue to battle corrupt government entities which can lead to dangerous situations for people...many of which are single moms trying to protect their children. We were blessed to be able to help provide safe housing to a few families.

Rebekah and Family

Haiti - Montrouis, Haiti
Funded and Built 2019
Supply and Multiply

This build is for Rebekah and her family. Supply and Multiply as well as Learning To Hope In Haiti have ministered to her and her children. Her "mud house" was beginning to crumble and was no longer safe for them to live in. The re-build began last week!