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Operation IDream School Books

Africa - Zambia, Africa
Funded and Built 2022
Learning to Hope in Haiti

We had the opportunity once again to partner with Julie Schaefer of Learning To Hope In Haiti when she heard of the need for new school books at Operation iDream in Zambia, Africa. We were blessed to provide all new books for the school and Julie was able to visit again this year and deliver them personally. The teachers were so excited and the kids were ready to dive in to their new books.

Operation Christmas SLRC

Mexico - San Luis Rio Colorado
Funded and Built 2022
Hearts Empowering the Poor

Our Mexico trip in January this year both started and ended differently than in the past due to Covid. We decided it would be best to pack 300 backpacks this year down in Mexico as opposed to the shoebox party we would normally host in our home. While we were able to get them packed and some handed out in the community during our January trip, we had to cut it short due to a team member getting sick. Thankfully Hearts Empowering The Poor and Pastor Alonso were able to make arrangements at his new church plant. They decided to pass them out on April 30th as it is celebrated as Mexico's day to celebrate children. A great time was had by all!

Marilu, Manuel, Isabel and Arina

Mexico - San Luis Rio Colorado
Funded and Built 2022
Hearts Empowering the Poor

We were blessed to be able to help this beautiful family receive a safe and secure home. Thanks to our wonderful partners Hearts Empowering The Poor for arranging the build since our trip to SLRC in January was cut short due to Covid.

Flanskey & Grandfather

Haiti - Montrouis, Haiti
Funded and Built 2022
Supply and Multiply

Flanskey is a part of Supply and Multiply's school sponsorship program in Montrouis, Haiti. He lives with his grandfather in this very unsafe home. He was so excited for a new home that he started hauling the foundation rocks himself! We are honored to be able to provide them with a safe and secure new home!

Esparanza's Church

Mexico - Cabo San Lucas
Funds Sent 2021

When we recently met Esparanza on our June (2021) trip to Cabo, she explained how she has begun hosting church in her front yard to give thanks to the Lord for blessing her. She has also began raising funds to buy a lot with a house on it just one street over from hers to plant her church there. She expressed her desire to be able to host more people and God has been opening doors to allow her to buy the property soon. We decided to donate the rest of the funds she needed to buy the property and home. She will make some changes with the help of her brother Francisco to remove the front wall of the house to create more of a pavilion feel to the space. The picture is current, but the transaction hasn't taken place yet for her to buy the property. We are honored to help this amazing woman of God.