House in Cabo

Mexico - San Jose, Cabo San Lucas
Funded and Built 2018

This project was originally funded for a family that had been separated due to finances. The owners of the home (live there on the first floor) Jorge and his father decided they wanted to help their their friend (Father and 6 children) by building a 2nd story on the house with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom so they'd have a place to live. Since the construction started, plans changed for the family (now in the U.S.), so Heart 4 Cabo is seeking God to see how He will fill these rooms. This is the biggest house our partners in Cabo have ever built and it’s being built on the weekends only by our construction crew who lives in the home below. The reason they are building this on the weekends only is because, being that’s ultimately their property, they are not charging for labor so they have to work on their regular job during the week which only gives them free time on the weekends. If you’ve been following the progress you’ll remember that we are building it on top of our construction crews house and we also previously funded their roof build out. In the pictures below you will see some of the progression from where it was to where we are now. We can’t wait for it to be completed so we can see a family living secure and together.

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