Homes Of Hope

Africa - Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Funds Sent 2022
Gospel Passion Ministries

Homes of Hope was started to assist young women that are being exploited and enticed into prostitution or domestic slavery. Many of these young women are enticed from the poorer areas of the countryside with the promise of good paying jobs and a better life. Once they are assimilated into the new life, they have an exceedingly difficult time getting out of it. We assist them in escaping from this lifestyle through a multi-faceted program. Homes of Hope focuses on their physical, educational, spiritual, and psychological needs. Our desire is to see God transform lives, with an instilled sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-worth in the young women that we work with. This will only be accomplished through the power of Jesus Christ at work!

We are housing these young ladies under the care of a house mom. In this home, all of their physical needs are provided for. Each young lady chooses what type of schooling they want, and are then enrolled into that program. A Christian psychologist is on staff and meets with the young ladies on a weekly basis. Each of them will also have opportunities to be discipled through Bible studies.

Upon completion of their educational program, we work with them on an individual basis, helping to look for and secure employment, while working through a transitional period to help them learn how to take care of themselves on their own.

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