Esparanza's Church

Mexico - Cabo San Lucas
Funds Sent 2021

When we recently met Esparanza on our June (2021) trip to Cabo, she explained how she has begun hosting church in her front yard to give thanks to the Lord for blessing her. She has also began raising funds to buy a lot with a house on it just one street over from hers to plant her church there. She expressed her desire to be able to host more people and God has been opening doors to allow her to buy the property soon. We decided to donate the rest of the funds she needed to buy the property and home. She will make some changes with the help of her brother Francisco to remove the front wall of the house to create more of a pavilion feel to the space. The picture is current, but the transaction hasn't taken place yet for her to buy the property. We are honored to help this amazing woman of God.

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